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Since 1892, Westwater Supply has been dedicated to providing top quality Plumbing, HVAC and Water System products and services for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and New Construction needs. Family owned and operated, we are committed to our community and the many people we serve, highly experienced, and focused on your complete satisfaction. 

From our extensive inventory of competitively-priced quality products from leading industry partners, to convenient showrooms and warehouses throughout southern Ohio, you're certain to find everything you need and more at Westwater Supply!


Westwater Supply stocks thousands of professional-grade plumbing supplies. From pipe, valves, cements and cleaners to fittings, fixtures, toilets and faucets, we have everything you need to install and maintain plumbing systems.

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Westwater Supply has the HVAC supplies, tools, tips and solutions you need for your commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects including premium boilers, controls, grills/registers, sheet metal and much more!

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Westwater Supply carries top quality sump pits/pumps, water filters, water softeners, pipe/supplies and more from well-known brands including Liberty Pumps, Cuno/3M, Zoeller, and Little Giant for your commercial and residential projects!

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